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Welcome. First of all let me apologise if you came here expecting to find the comic book Diversity Lane. The author of that comic no longer maintains this website. This page is now going to be a resource center for information about hair transplants.

As we all know, hair loss is an issue which affects millions of Americans, both men and women. Losing your hair can be an emotional and distressing experience. In many cases it can lead the sufferer into feelings of despair, depression and loss of self esteem. Usually it also leads to desperation as the sufferer is willing to do almost anything to prevent further hair loss and/or recover lost hair.

This is where the hair loss sufferer can become victim to any number of different types of scam. We have all seen the miraculous hair growth pills and lotions advertised on our televisions or in magazines. Usually these have no effect whatsoever except to make our wallets a little lighter.

At the time of writing there are only three effective treatments for hair loss. The first is the surgical option of a hair transplant. The other two are the only medically proven treatments for hair loss, which are, the liquid minoxidil which is applied to the scalp twice daily, and the pill finasteride which is a pill taken orally once a day.

Let us investigate these treatment options a little more deeply. A hair transplant should only be carried out by a medically qualified person. The author has the pleasure of undergoing a hair transplant at the skilled hands of Dr Griffiths in Spain – www.drgriffiths.es

Let me say that like most people who have any kind of cosmetic surgery I was understandably nervous before the procedure. Not because I thought anything could go wrong since a hair transplant is a very safe and minor procedure. Rather it was because I feared that either nothing would grow and I would have wasted my money, or alternatively (and probably worse) that I would be left with an unnatural looking appearance. After all nobody wants to walk around with an obvious hair transplant which is clearly visible to everybody.

Losing HairLuckily in my case I needn’t have worried. Once my hair grew after the hair transplant surgery the result was completely natural. Of course one of the main reasons why I chose to travel to Dr Griffiths for my surgery was precisely because a friend of mine had surgery with him before so I had already seen the results of my friend’s hair transplants.

Currently there are two main methods used in hair transplants. The less sophisticated method is called the “strip method”. In this procedure a strip of skin is removed from the back of the head and the hairs are then removed from the tissue ready to be reimplanted. The big disadvantage of this method is that the patient is left with a huge smiley face scar on the back of their head.

The other method which is much more advanced is the FUE hair transplant method. In this procedure individual hairs are removed one by one using a tiny micro-surgical instrument. In this method there is no linear scar. The most visible scarring you can get is tiny dots which are virtually imperceptible.

In my next post I’ll describe the post-operative period after a hair transplant, how quickly you can be back to work etc etc.